Dextop OS

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Dextop is a portal to your cloud-based applications; A light-weight virtual desktop.
Built for productivity, Dextop lets you discover, create and play at anytime, from anywhere. Enjoy a of collection native tools, Google Drive and third-party applications with Dextop.


View & Edit

Manage documents in your Google™ Drive account with the My Drive App.

Create Docs

Create documents and upload files to your cloud storage for easy access from anywhere.

Sticky Notes

Organize your lifestyle easily. Create eye-catching sticky notes tacked away in the Sticky Notes app.


Search and preview millions of books from libraries and publishers worldwide using the Google Book Search app.


Play music stored in your Google™ Drive account with the Music App.


Race, defeat enemies and take over the world. Play more than 60 assorted games provided by our friends at Mad4Flash.

Help Docs

Dextops comes with an illustrated help documentation built in. You can't go wrong with us holding your hand to guide you along!

Much more...

Login and enjoy all these and other dextop apps; like books search and preview, 10+ beautiful wallpaper and fonts, and much more.



Usage Scenarios

Personal Productivity

450,000,000+ people still use the internet on shared devices. Shared devices are common among internet cafe customers, university students, households and in third-world communities. Dextop lets users own a lightweight virtual simulation of a common operating system's user interface (GUI). Files are saved directly to Google™ Drive and most applications are powered by Google.

Dextop is a cost efficient option in less developed countries where computers are shared. With dextop, users get to enjoy the security and reliability of the cloud in a familiar desktop interface. Device and location freedom for our users means they enjoy their desktop anytime, anywhere. The design is also completely personalizable and well documented.


With over 176 million customers in 22 countries worldwide, MTN is the largest telecommunication company in Africa. To keep the market's competition in check, MTN offers high quality customer satisfaction. As a result, half of MTN's 25,000 employees are all customers service agents.

Each customer service agent attends to between 200 and 250 customers every day. To operate, each agent uses at least 10 application interfaces running on the company's intranet. Collaboration tools, issues escalation apps, customer managers, schedulers are among the many softwares each agent must shuffle through to achieve high performance. Multi-tasking with that many apps is tideous, time consuming and definitely affects the customer's service.

Enter Dextop enterprise edition! Dextop could be used by MTN to consolidate the customer service applications in one(1) unified interface. For the IT department, Dextop will be easy to install, maintain and integrate with existing infrastructure. For management, Dextop enterprise edition would offers an admin panel for managing users and intranet applications. The customer service agents would enjoy reduced redundancy, increased productivity and performance. As for MTN, returns on investment in would come in better customer service quality, customer loyalty and ultimately profit.

MTN is not alone.

Enterprise Edition - coming 29/01/2013

Dextop Enterprise Edition will be fully customizable for a better integration of your company apps. Enterprise edition lets you easily add your network and collaboration applications. The objective is to make employees more productive by providing a fluid interface for all your cloud-based applications.

A hybrid method of operation is possible with Dextop Enterprise Edition. Users can use cloud-based apps organized in Dextop and apps currently installed on your computers.

Dextop Enterprise Edition works with your existing hardware and should be easy to intall by your IT Department.

Want to save costs on IT infrastructure, maintainance and support? Dextop Enterprise Edition is the solution for you.

Besides saving costs, virtualization with Dextop will promote user productivity by providing default collaborative apps are integrated and simple to use.

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